Financial Mechanisms for Innovative Social and Solidarity Economy Ecosystems

Samuel Barco Serrano / Riccardo Bodini / Michael Roy / Gianluca Salvatori
International Labour Organization, 2019
Level: advanced
Perspective: Other
Topic: Alternatives to GDP, Commons, Crisis, Development, finance, financialization, Innovation, resources, environment & climate
Format: Working paper/Journal article

This report from the ILO presents the results of the “Financial Mechanisms for Innovative Social and Solidarity Economy Ecosystems” project, designed to foster a better understanding of the different ways in which financial resources can be made available and accessed to support the growth of social and solidarity economy (SSE) organizations and their ecosystems.

Comment from our editors:

This report present us an other aspect of Social an Solidarity Economy (SSE) that is its financial mechanisms. A sustainable SSE organization need to be financially independent and this report give us several leads. It also analyze links between finance and SSE in eight countries in order to introduce challenges and and policy recommendation.

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