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Economy is care

Author: Ina Praetorius (WiC - Wirtschaft ist Care) Producer: Hans Jörg Fehle Realisator: Sergio Herencias, Andreas Tanner and others, 2018
Level: beginner
Perspectives: Feminist Economics, Solidarity Economy
Topic: Criticism of Capitalism, Economic History, Inequality & Class, Labour & Care, Race & Gender, Reflection of Economics, Resources, Environment & Climate
Format: Explainer Video
Duration: 00.06.00

A short film that questions the current state of the economy with thought-provoking sequences and takes a look into the past how the present understanding of the economy came to be.

Comment from our editors:

The Explainer Video provides a concise, informative and aesthetically pleasing starting point to grasping the centrality of care for the economy. A must-watch!

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