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What is Feminist Economics & what does it have to do with studying the climate crisis?

Henrika Meyer
Rethinking Economics, 2020
Level: beginner
Perspective: Feminist Economics
Topic: Race & Gender, Reflection of Economics, Resources, Environment & Climate, Social movements & Transformation
Format: Explainer Video
Duration: 00:06:58

This video explains what the term 'Feminist Economics' describes and goes into detail on how feminist economists use methodology differently, why they advocate for diversity in research and how to look into preconditions for the functioning of our economies. The general approach of feminist economics, yet a very diverse field of theories itself, allows a closer look to the missing, yet essential pieces of our society to be included in economics. Therefore, and, additionally, the boundaries of feminist economists' research are not drawn by looking at gender inequalities and the repercussions for paid and unpaid work, but also on connected issues of global climate change, class differences, inherent power inequalities etc. This video, additionally to introducing feminist economics, highlights the link between feminist economics and the study of climate change. Professor Patricia Elaine Perkins and Professor Bengi Akbulut are contributing with their view on the theoretical and applied field of feminist economics.

Comment from our editors:

This is a great video explaining what Feminist Economics is and how Feminist Economists work. The video goes quickly over a lot of the perspectives of method, theory, field and mode of study in which Feminist Economics differs from other economic schools of thought. Despite all the differences, the video does not fail to show how interconnected a feminist approach to economics is with a lot of other perspectives/issues and illustrates this by including the study of climate change from a feminist lense as example.

Go to: What is Feminist Economics & what does it have to do with studying the climate crisis?


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