Beyond Growth - Educational Materials for a Socio-ecological Transformation

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Fairbindung e.V. & Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie , 2016
Level: beginner
Perspective: Ecological Economics
Topic: (De-)growth, Inequality & Class, North-South Relations & Development, Social movements & Transformation
Format: Teaching Material

Beyond Growth is a collection of educational materials offering a reflection on growth. It was created as a joint project of the associations Fairbindung e. V. and Konzeptwerk Neue Ökonomie, both based in Germany. The page provides learning materials and methods  to stimulate thinking about the conditions of our current economy as well as possible alternatives. The materials include for example presentations, texts, films and also instructions for creative methods such as a dream journey. The method set is particularly recommended for educational work in and out of school with young people between 15 and 25 years of age. It is published as a Creative Commons licence CC-BY-NC-SA and may be disseminated and further developed for non-commercial purposes and of course can be used for free in seminars, workshops or teaching.

Comment from our editors:

The page provides a selection of teaching materials from the collection "Endlich Wachstum" translated from German to English. So if you speak German, you should definitely check out the more extensive collection of materials in this language. I have used some of the materials for workshops I have held. I find it a unique and excellent collection of methods to address topics such as questioning economic growth as a strategy for achieving prosperity and satisfaction, questions of global justice and alternatives to the currently dominating economic thinking. The material is soon to be revised so check for updates.

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