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Tom Göhring

I have been doing plural economics activism for a long time in my bachelor-studies in economics and politics. Now, being in the Master "Political Economy of European Integration" HWR Berlin, I wanted to focus a bit on my academic path of life. Accumulating more knowledge and gathering new insights about things I could not learn in my Bachelor was the reason for my pause in activism. At the moment I'm working in a project on the social reception of the "Rule of Law" in Germany and Poland at the European Academy Berlin where I got insights into the New Institutional Economics, Constitutional Economics and Sociology of Law. While the project was promising at the beginning, I was getting more sceptical over time. Right now I see myself in a good position to criticize this area and the methodology which is used. Next to this, I'm continuing to prepare for my Master Thesis which I want to write about Feminist Economics. I have already done workshops with my friends from the Plurale Ökonomik Halle about S. Federici and other topics related to the political economy of feminist thinking.

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