An Introduction to Political Economy and Economics

Dr Tim Thornton
Level: beginner
University: n.a.
Platform: School of Political Economy Australia
Year: 2019
Start: 12-10-2020
Recurrence: flexible
Language: English
Discipline: Political Economy
Attendance: paid
Certificate: 149.00 USD
Workload per week: 3.0 h

Source image: School of Political Economy website

"This eleven-week course offers a pluralist introduction to political economy and economics. We will examine nine (9) competing schools of thought, each of which offers an original and distinctive illumination of economic and social reality. The course offers a level of learning that would at least match that which is offered by a University. However, you do not need to be connected to a university or to have studied political economy or economics previously to enrol in this particular subject."

The online classes can start at any point in the year (at least five enrolments).



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Das Netzwerk Plurale Ökonomik e.V. wird aufgrund seiner Unabhängigkeit und des Einsatzes für Pluralismus und Vielfalt nicht von finanzstarken Interessensgruppen getragen. Deshalb freuen wir uns sehr über eine einmalige oder dauerhafte Spende.