The Psychosocial Side of Poverty

Level: leicht
Keetie Roelen | PS - Project Syndicate, 2017
The Psychosocial Side of Poverty

Perspektive: Verhaltensökonomik
Thema: Soziale Bewegungen & Transformation, Verhalten
Format: Podcast, Dauer: 00:22:21

The podcast explores the psychosocial implications of poverty in the society. Keetie Roelen investigates how the emotion of shame and policy-making are intertwined. Shame is described as an intrinsic aspect of poverty and may lead to an attack, aggression, low self-esteem, and suicide decision. Roelen argues that psychosocial aspects, such as feelings of shame in the context of poverty need to be addressed in order to achieve a sustainable reduction of poverty. In order for governments to alleviate the shame of their citizens for the situation they are in, there is a need for explicit policies to increase respect and dignity for the poor.

Comment from our editors:

This is an easy introduction to the psychosocial aspects of poverty and there is no specific economic knowledge required.