Minsky's theory about financial fragility and financial instability

Level: mittel
Maria Nikolaidi | IMK, 2016

Perspektive: Postkeynesianismus
Thema: Finanzialisierung
Format: Podiumsdiskussion, Dauer: 00:25:35
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtFrHs6idec

In her talk, Maria Nikolaidi, who is a distinguished scholar in the fields of financial instability and environmental issues, presents how Minsky’s theory has been modelled over past decades and how one can use these models in order to analyse contemporary issues such as financial fragility and financial instability caused by climate change. Maria introduces different types of Minsky models in the areas of corporate and household debt which can be distinguished in terms of the source of instability. For future research she proposes investigations on microeconomic financial instability by means of Agent-Based models as well as the application of Minsky modelling on issues regarding open economy, shadow banking and climate change.