Economic crisis and austerity: challenges to gender equality

Schwierigkeit: leicht
Jill Rubery | Netzwerk Plurale Ökonomik, 2015

Perspektive: Feminist Economics
Thema: Krise, Ungleichheit
Format: Vorlesung , Dauer: 01:13:06

Departing from an analysis of women's employment and changing gender regimes in the pre crisis period, Jill Rubery illustrates how the crisis affects men's and women's employment differently. Afterwards, she discusses the crisis' impact on gender relations. Based on empirical findings, she shows how men were more affected by the recession and women more by austerity and presents possible explanations. Those are furthermore linked to women's employment decisions and prevalent gender regimes. In particular, Rubery discusses cut backs in public spendings on care, flexibilization and the role of conservative gender ideologies.