Contributions from Post-Colonialisms Today

Post-Colonialisms Today , 2022
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Post-Colonialisms Today (PCT) is a research and advocacy project led by African activist-intellectuals recovering progressive policies from early post-independence Africa through a feminist lens. The project is housed at Regions Refocus. Recognising the continent’s subordinate place within the global economic order as primary commodity exporters, Africa’s early post-independence governments sought to transform their economies through policies for industrialisation, international solidarity, and delinking from colonial currency. PCT believes these experiences offer critical lessons for contemporary movements and policymakers confronting neoliberal policies on the continent today. 

Alongside generating analysis that has been featured in Africa is a Country, The Elephant, The Street Journal, Jacobin, Tribune, Inter-Press Service, Developing Economics, and a special issue in the Africa Development journal, PCT has facilitated advocacy through virtual advocacy events on topics like industrialisation, natural resource sovereignty, and the COVID-19 pandemic.


Food and the Struggle for Africa’s Sovereignty

Jihen Chandoul


A History of Resource Plunder

Tetteh Hormeku-Ajei and Camden Goetz


Lessons from Africa’s past to cope with COVID-19

Omar Ghannam, Kareem Megahed, Tetteh Hormeku-Ajei


Reclaiming Africa’s Early Post-Independence History

Adebayo Olukoshi, Tetteh Hormeku-Ajei, Aishu Balaji, and Anita Nayar


Lessons for Today from Egypt’s Post-Independence Industrialization

Kareem Megahed, Omar Ghannam, and Heba Khalil


Achievements of Egypt’s Industrialization Project

Kareem Megahed, Omar Ghannam, Heba Khalil


Lessons From Economic Partnership Agreements to the Post- Cotonou Framework

Yao Graham


Tracing Primary Commodity Export Dependence

Tetteh Hormeku- Ajei


Monetary Policy for Development, During and Beyond Crisis

Chafik Ben Rouine


Egypt's Past Industrialization Project: Lessons for the COVID-19 Crisis

Kareem Megahed and Omar Ghannam


Recovering Post-Independence Food Sovereignty for the COVID-19 Crisis

Jihen Chandoul


The Central Role of the State in Responding to COVID-19

Tetteh Hormeku-Ajei

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