Understanding the transformation of Economics through the history of JEL codes

Schwierigkeit: leicht
Beatrice Cherrier | Lecture series at the Ruhr-University Bochum, 2017

Perspektive: Other
Thema: Sonstiges, Geschichte des ökonomischen Denkens
Format: Vorlesung , Dauer: 01:14:24

In this lecture, Beatrice Cherrier explains why it is worth to research the history of JEL codes. 

Beatrice Cherrier is a French historian of economics. In Bochum, she tracks the changing relationship between theory and application, and the rise and death of new economic topics in the XXth century through the successive revisions of the classification system economists use to publish, recruit and navigate their discipline.

From an outside perspective of a historian, she is able to show a picture of economics as a whole and it is interesting to see how the emphasis of the discipline of economics has changed over the time.