Capitalism & Political Economy

Capitalism & Political Economy
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Dr. Michael Munger
Level: beginner
University: Duke University
Platform: Duke University Department of Political Science
Year: 2016
Recurrence: none
Language: English
Discipline: Political Economy
Attendance: free

This is an introductory course into economics that navigates the intellectual history of political economy in a self-contained and non-technical manner. The course centres on the classical concept of political economy by emphasizing the moral and ethical problems that markets solve or may not solve. The course helps build a foundation for more advanced understanding of politics, philosophy and economics. The course is structured into 3 sections totaling 17 lectures and begins with a short 15 minute introductory video. Lectures range around topics such as institutions, revolutions, bitcoins and more.

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Comment from our editors:

A good source to get acquainted with the classical concept of political economy, as it is generally easy to follow lectures delivered by Professor Munger. Moreover, each lecture contains a 'Lecture Overview'; this is followed by a list of readings. The video production quality of these lectures is good as well.


Ten projekt został stworzony przez Sieć na rzecz Pluralistycznej Ekonomii (Netzwerk Plurale Ökonomik e.V.).  Jest on zaangażowany w różnorodność i niezależność i jest zależny od darowizn od ludzi takich jak Ty. Regularne lub jednorazowe datki będą bardzo mile widziane.