Capitalism & Political Economy

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Dr. Michael Munger
Level: beginner
University: Duke University
Platform: Duke University Department of Political Science
Year: 2016
Recurrence: none
Language: English
Discipline: Political Economy
Attendance: free

This is an introductory course into economics that navigates the intellectual history of political economy in a self-contained and non-technical manner. The course centres on the classical concept of political economy by emphasizing the moral and ethical problems that markets solve or may not solve. The course helps build a foundation for more advanced understanding of politics, philosophy and economics. The course is structured into 3 sections totaling 17 lectures and begins with a short 15 minute introductory video. Lectures range around topics such as institutions, revolutions, bitcoins and more.

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Comment from our editors:

A good source to get acquainted with the classical concept of political economy, as it is generally easy to follow lectures delivered by Professor Munger. Moreover, each lecture contains a 'Lecture Overview'; this is followed by a list of readings. The video production quality of these lectures is good as well.


Este proyecto es presentado por la Network for Pluralist Economics (Netzwerk Plurale Ökonomik e.V.) y socios internacionales.  Está comprometida con la diversidad y la independencia y depende de las donaciones de personas como tú. Donaciones regulares o puntuales serán muy apreciadas!