Gender relations and Economics

Alyssa Schneebaum
Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, 2015
Poziom: początkujący
Nurt ekonomii: Ekonomia feministyczna
Temat: inequality, gender, philosophy of economics
Formularz: Syllabus

This syllabus was originally taught in Summer 2015
Instructor: Alyssa Schneebaum 

Course Description:

This course introduces students to the relevance of gender relations in economics as a discipline and in economic processes and outcomes. The course covers three main components of gender in economics and the economy: (1) the gendered nature of the construction and reproduction of economic theory and thought; (2) the relevance and role of gender in economic decision-making; and (3) differences in economic outcomes based on gender. We will touch on the relevance of gender and gender relations in at least all of the following topics: economic theory; the history of economic thought; human capital accumulation; labor market discrimination; macroeconomic policy, including gender budgeting; household economics; basic econometrics; and economic crises.

Goals of the course:

This course provides a thorough overview of the state of research and central issues in gender economics. The students will develop an understanding of the basic relationships between economics and gender relations, and the (re)production of these relationships. Students are encouraged to think independently about how gender works and matters in economic processes and outcomes.

Course Outline:

  1. Introduction and overviews of the course
  2. Classical Feminist Economics
  3. Gender in the Labor Market I
  4. Gender in der Labor Market II
  5. Gender in the Houshold: Houswork, care work, and decision making
  6. Macroeconomics: gender and development; gender budgeting macroeconomics: gender and development; gender budgeting
  7. Identity and economics
  8. Gender and comparative economic systems; economic crises
  9. Student Presentations


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Comment from our editors:

This syllabus is part of the Syllabi collection on International Association for Feminist Economics. This course is suitable for undergraduate students.


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