Critical Feminist Investigations

Yana Rodgers
Rutgers University, 2015
Poziom: początkujący
Nurt ekonomii: Ekonomia feministyczna
Temat: gender
Formularz: Syllabus

This syllabus was originally taught in Spring 2015
Instructor: Yana Rodgers 

Course Description:

This course has dual purposes, to introduce students to the various stages of research and to provide an introduction to feminist perspectives on the politics of producing knowledge. Each student will learn how to be an interdisciplinary researcher while coming to understand the opportunities that feminism presents as a way of seeing, knowing, and representing the world.
Students will need to read assigned texts carefully and be prepared to discuss them in class. There will be several small projects designed to teach students through action how to conduct feminist research. Students will develop and revise a research proposal that will be the basis for further independent work.

Learning Goals:

This course satisfies our department’s learning goals. In particular, students will be able to identify, analyze, and critique the formation and reproduction of social, economic, and political hierarchies grounded in race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, and sexuality.


  • Week 1: Introduction to Feminist Research
  • Week 2: Hallmarks of Feminist Research
  • Week 3: Objectivity and Knowledge Production
  • Week 4: Conceptualizing Research and Defining Constructs
  • Week 5: Research Design and Becoming an Effective Researcher
  • Week 6: An Introduction to Qualitative Methods
  • Week 7: Asking Questions: Interviews and Focus Groups
  • Week 8: Qualitative Methods Continued
  • Week 9: Quantitative Methods: An Introduction to Descriptive Statistics and Charts
  • Week 10: Describing Data and Talking About Numbers
  • Week 11: Data Sources
  • Week 12: Knowledge Production: From Theory to Research
  • Week 13: Knowledge Production and Feminist Activism
  • Week 14: Knowledge Production: Research Proposals


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Comment from our editors:

This syllabus is part of the Syllabi collection on International Association for Feminist Economics. This course is suitable for undergraduate students.


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