Beginner’s Guide to Neoliberalism

New Economics Foundation
New Economics Foundation, 2019
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The Podcast "A Beginner's Guide to Neoliberalism" is done by the New Economics Foundation an independent think tank, and has economist James Meadway and journalist Kirsty Style talking about how neoliberalism emerged and became the dominant paradigm in economic theory and policy making. In six issues from 2015 plus a 2019 update the values and ideas behind our neoliberal economic system are uncovered. Questions like where neoliberalism came from, how it spread, and how we could do things differently are posed and discussed in a series of approximatley 12-minute-long recordings.

Comment from our editors:

An accessible introduction for anybody who is interested in knowing more about the way how neoliberal ideology came to dominate economic discourse and policy. Episode 2 is especially recommendable and illustrates how some outsider market fundamentalists like Hayek and his Mont Pelerin Society seized the opportunity and used the crisis of Keynesianism in the '70s to establish their ideas within the policy discourse.

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