Too much Maths, too little History: The problem of Economics

Lord Robert Skidelsky, Dr. Ha-Joon Chang, Prof. Steve Pisckhe and Prof. Francesco Caselli
LSE Economic History Departement, 2015
Level: beginner
Perspective: Other
Topic: history of economic thought, methodology, philosophy of science
Format: Panel Discussion
Duration: 01:37:10

This panel discusses the role of mathematics and history within economics. Lord Robert Skidelsky and Dr. Ha-Joon Chang advocate for a more prominent role of history and a less prominent role of mathematics within economics. Prof. Steve Pisckhe and Prof. Francesco Caselli defend the dominant role of mathematics within economics. Each of the speakers gives a 10-15 minutes talk advocating his position, before the panel is opened up for Q&A. The discussion is moderated by Prof. James Foreman-Peck.

Comment from our editors:

The role of mathematics within economics has been controversially discussed for the last 200 years and is essential to the understanding of economics as a discipline. In the 19th century the introduction of mathematics into economics was a long and widely debated process, before it got increasingly accepted over the course of the 20th century. This panel discussion provides a good starting point to reflect on the role of both mathematics and history within the discipline, as the different opinions get the same amount of time to present their perspective on the issue.

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