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Post-Keynesian Economics – New Foundations

Post-Keynesian Economics
Marc Lavoie
Edward Elgar, 2015
Grado: adelantado
Perspective: Post-Keynesian Economics
Topic: (De-)growth, Macroeconomics, Money & Debt
page count: 660 pages
ISBN: 9781783475285


Mainstream economic theory has been increasingly questioned following the recent global financial crisis. Marc Lavoie shows how post-Keynesian theory can function as a coherent substitute by focusing on realistic assumptions and integrating the financial and real sides of the economy. This book outlines alternative microeconomic foundations based on a world of fundamental uncertainty, with an emphasis on various paradoxes that arise in a truly macroeconomic analysis. The book is a considerably extended and fully revamped edition of the highly successful and frequently cited Foundations of Post-Keynesian Economic Analysis. It provides an exhaustive account of post-Keynesian economics and of the developments that have occurred in post-Keynesian theory and in the world economy over the last twenty years. Topics covered include open-economy issues, the methodological foundations of heterodox economics, consumer theory, firms and pricing, money and credit, effective demand and employment, inflation theory, and growth theories.Students and scholars of economics, particularly post-Keynesian and heterodox economics, will find this comprehensive look at the field a necessary addition to their libraries.

Comment from our editors:

This is arguably the most important textbook for an introduction to post-Keynesian Economics, written by one of its' most prominent scholars: Marc Lavoie.

If you are looking for a shorter version, which is also suitable for beginners in post-Keynesian Economics have a look at his Introduction to Post-Keynesian Economics.

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