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Pandemic resilience in North East India

Sujatha Padmanabhan & Ashik Krishnan
Vikalp sangam, 2022
Level: beginner
Perspectives: Ecological Economics, Epistemologies of the south, Institutionalist Economics, Solidarity Economy
Topic: (De-)growth, Innovation & Technology, Institutions, Governments & Policy, Microeconomics & Markets, Race & Gender, Reflection of Economics, Resources, Environment & Climate, Social movements & Transformation
Format: Policy Paper & Advocacy

Tejashree Dewoolkar

Comment from our editors:

This report specially focussed around hope and resilience shown by eight collectives across North East India during pandemic in order to overcome across economic and ecological crisis through unconventional and inclusive methods of small businesses in health and food systems. It shows impact of these collectives to support local livelihood by innovative methods to conserve the food system and effective transport solutions was an effective supply-side intervention for agri-marketing during the lockdown. It boosted the much-required confidence in the agriculture sector as it addressed the critical gap of transportation and logistics for agri-business in the region.

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