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The Economics of Covid-19 | SOAS University of London

SOAS Open Economics Forum, SOAS Economics Department, Various
SOAS Open Economics Forum, 2020
Grado: debutante
Perspectivas: Economía ecológica, Economía feminista, Economia institucionalista, Economía política Marxista, Otros
Topic: (De-)crecimiento, Crisis, Globalización y relaciones económicas internacionales, Desigualdad y clase, Dinero y deuda, Relaciones Norte-Sur y desarrollo, Race & Gender, Reflexión sobre economía, Movimientos sociales y cambio
Format: Ponencia

Academics and students in a discussion to explore the political economy of the Covid-19 in many of its aspects. A thorough critique of the times the world is living from alternative and pluralist perspectives in Economics. The series is still in progress so there will be more to come and discuss. Find all recorded webinar sessions below:

YouTube Playlist

Comment from our editors:

The webinar series puts together a highly comprehensive and radical critique of the 2020 pandemic crisis from an internationally recognised institution. It touches upon many topics and brings up themes of academic research to the political mainstream and definitely accessible to a much wider public. From climate justice to the role of Central Banks, from Social Reproduction theory to racism, and much more. The many answers that have been given and that will be given during the course of these discussions are absolutely valuable and to be taken into account now and always in the future.

As any pluralist approach would suggest, the various speakers try to provide answers but most of all they question the current economic system and call for a deep and systematic reformation of it, in all of its aspects, underlying the deep interconnectedness of the whole. In line with this, it is interesting to see how a view on different parts of the globe is offered, both looking at the situation of arrival before the virus and what are the possible outcomes now as well as solutions. Though on a small note, it must be said, despite having a lot of words expressed on the "developing" world, there could be more actual representatives from any of those countries. Still, the perspectives (human, political and economic) offered are abundant and the speakers do not limit themselves to talk from in a "small bubble".

These talks are basics now during the crisis post-pandemic (can we define it post yet?) and even more valuable in a "no time and no space boundary" beyond borders and historical time. The ongoing crisis is embedded in our current world system and, if you want, a result of it. The arguments brought up here are not only accountable in policymaking in 2020, but they are the byproduct of years of research and study in Economics and other subjects and they need to find the right space to be finally listened to in the global political discourse.

Go to: The Economics of Covid-19 | SOAS University of London

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