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Neo-liberal Globalism and the Backlash from Within

Quinn Slobodian
OXI - Wirtschaft anders denken, 2019
Grado: adelantado
Topic: Crisis, Globalización y relaciones económicas internacionales, Microeconomía y mercados, Otro, Reflexión sobre economía
Format: Ponencia
Duración: 01:41:24

By tracing the history and evolution of neo-liberal thinking back to its origins in the 1940s, Quinn Slobodian analyzes current European populist movements not as opposite to neo-liberalism but as a split from it. According to Slobodian, a fusionism current emerged in the 80s that combines free market values with notions of cultural evolution and even racial traits. Sceptics in major neo-liberal forums, such as the Mont Pèlerin Society, are rising and spreading ideas that take migration from the South to the North as a threat to globalisation and liberal market fuctioning. Contrary to globalist liberals, libertarians and neoliberal populists believe that neoliberal outcomes are best protected by returning sovereignty to the nation, which includes a stricter protection of borders.

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