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The economics of legalising cannabis

Economy Studies
Economy Studies, 2021
Grado: debutante
Topic: Microeconomía y mercados, Otro
Format: Material didáctico

Alvin Roth and Lloyd Shapely won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for their work on market design back in 2012, but it is a field that is still underrepresented in economics education. All markets have rules, and how these rules are set influence how the market functions.

This teaching pack takes cannabis in Germany as an example of a market that does not yet have a full set of rules. We do not cover arguments for or against the legalisation of cannabis, instead we accept that the German government has chosen to do this, and focus on the question of how to design the market.

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Comment from our editors:

This teaching material was designed by Economy Studies and is part of the "This Month in the Economy Exercises" series. 

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