Gender and the Economy

Şemsa Özar
Boğaziçi University, 2014
Level: beginner
Perspective: Feminist Economics
Topic: Feminism, gender, inequality, labour & care
Format: Course description/syllabus

This syllabus was originally taught in Fall 2014
Instructor: Semsa Özar

Course description:

In this course we will critically analyze both economic theory and economic life through the lens of gender. Topics covered include: a critical examination of gender patterns and trends in the household, labor market, and the firm; issues concerning gender inequalities in the economy.

Course Outline:

  1. Gender and Economics
  2. Gender Division of Labor, Employment Trends
  3. Discrimination and Segregation in the Workplace
  4. Gender Equality Policies
  5. Student Presentations


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Comment from our editors:

This syllabus is part of the Syllabi collection on International Association for Feminist Economics. This course is suitable for undergraduate students.


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