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Degrowth and the Green New Deal

Gareth Dale
The Ecologist, 2019
Grado: perito
Perspective: Economía ecológica
Topic: (De-)crecimiento, Recursos, medioambiente y clima, Movimientos sociales y cambio
Format: Blog y prensa

In this article, Gareth Dale analyzes and compares the main characteristics and differences of two visions that are currently emerging to tackle Climate Change: the Green New Deal and Degrowth. Which are the consequences from the environmental, economic and political point of view? And what are the underlying doctrines?

Comment from our editors:

Two major political proposals are currently circulating to tackle Climate Change: the Green New Deal and Degrowth. In this article, the author compares these two strategies, stressing their ideologies and consequences. If you need additional resources to better understand the two topics, we recommend you watching introductory videos to learn about the basics of Degrowth here and about GND here

Go to: Degrowth and the Green New Deal

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