Economists' Lives – Biography and Autobiography in the History of Economics

Economists' Lives
E. Roy Weintraub, Evelyn L. Forget
Duke University Press, 2007
Poziom: zaawansowane
Perspective: Other
Topic: Economic History
page count: 402 pages
ISBN: 9780822366836


This collection of essays, a supplement to History of Political Economy, brings together prominent scholars from economics, sociology, literature, and history to examine the role of biography and autobiography in the history of economics. The first of its kind, this volume looks at the relevance of first-person accounts to narrative histories of economics. The essays consider both the potential and the limits of life writing, which has traditionally been used sparingly by historians of economics, and examine types of biographies, the relationship between autobiography and identity, and the writing of biography.

Contributors to this collection question whether biography is essential to understanding the history of economic ideas and consider how autobiographical materials should be read and interpreted by historians. Articles consider the treatment of autobiographical materials such as conversations and testimonies, the construction of heroes and villains, the relationship between scientific biography and literary biography, and concerns related to living subjects. Several essays address the role of biography and autobiography in the study of economists such as F. A. Hayek, Harry Johnson, Alfred Marshall, John Maynard Keynes, Oskar Morgenstern, and Fran�ois Quesnay, concluding with several accounts of the interconnection of the historians' projects with their own autobiographies.

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Roger E. Backhouse
Bruce Caldwell
Lo�c Charles
William Coleman
Robert W. Dimand
Paul John Eakin
Ross B. Emmett
Evelyn L. Forget
Craufurd D. Goodwin
Peter Groenewegen
Malachi Haim Hacohen
Jan-Otmar Hesse
Patricia Laurence
Frederic S. Lee
Robert Leonard
Tiago Mata
D. E. Moggridge
Jeremy D. Popkin
Mike Reay
Christine Th�r�
E. Roy Weintraub


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