Degrowth & Strategy – How to Bring about Social-ecological Transformation

Degrowth & Strategy

Bild: Martin Dotzauer, lizenziert unter CC BY 2.0, Demonstration am Ende der Vierten Internationale Degrowth-Konferenz, Leipzig, 2014

edited by Nathan Barlow, Livia Regen, Noémie Cadiou, Ekaterina Chertkovskaya, Max Hollweg, Christina Plank, Merle Schulken and Verena Wolf
Mayfly Books, 2022
Poziom: początkujący
Perspective: Ecological Economics
Topic: (De-)growth, Criticism of Capitalism, Labour & Care, Resources, Environment & Climate, Social movements & Transformation
page count: 418 pages
ISBN: 9781906948603


Degrowth is a counter-hegemonic movement that has the ambitious aim of transforming society towards social and ecological justice. But how do we get there? That is the question this book addresses. Adhering to the multiplicity of degrowth whilst also arguing that strategic prioritisation and coordination are key, Degrowth & Strategy advances the debate on strategy for social-ecological transformation. It explores what strategising means, identifies key directions for the degrowth movement, and scrutinises strategies in practice that aim to realise a degrowth society. Bringing together voices from degrowth and related movements, this book creates a polyphony for change going beyond the sum of its parts.

Comment from our editors:

The book "Degrowth & Strategy" describes in an accessible way how transformations towards degrowth can be achieved. The book not only discusses strategies theoretically, but also provides many examples of degrowth strategies in different fields, such as mobility, housing, care or decolonisation. Degrowth Vienna shows how various social struggles – from food sovereignty, to anti-extractivism to labour struggles - are already contributing to a transformation towards degrowth and highlights many possibilities for alliances. In contrast to the majority of degrowth literature, which focuses on analysing the status quo, the book provides a hopeful analysis of how a socio-ecological transformation can be accomplished.

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