Applied Time Series Analysis – A Practical Guide to Modeling and Forecasting

Applied Time Series Analysis
Terence Mills
Elsevier, 2019
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page count: 432 pages
ISBN: 9780128131176


Written for those who need an introduction, Applied Time Series Analysis reviews applications of the popular econometric analysis technique across disciplines. Carefully balancing accessibility with rigor, it spans economics, finance, economic history, climatology, meteorology, and public health. Terence Mills provides a practical, step-by-step approach that emphasizes core theories and results without becoming bogged down by excessive technical details. Including univariate and multivariate techniques, Applied Time Series Analysis provides data sets and program files that support a broad range of multidisciplinary applications, distinguishing this book from others. Focuses on practical application of time series analysis, using step-by-step techniques and without excessive technical detailSupported by copious disciplinary examples, helping readers quickly adapt time series analysis to their area of studyCovers both univariate and multivariate techniques in one volumeProvides expert tips on, and helps mitigate common pitfalls of, powerful statistical software including EVIEWS and RWritten in jargon-free and clear English from a master educator with 30 years+ experience explaining time series to novicesAccompanied by a microsite with disciplinary data sets and files explaining how to build the calculations used in examples

Book summary

The concern of this book is how to model time series statistically and there is emphasized the practical, applied aspects of statistical time series modeling. The author aims to provide methods that may be used to understand and analyze time series that accur in the “real world” that researchers face.

Comment from our editors:

The book gives detailed information about applied time series analysis, also as its title explains, it is a practical guide to modeling and forecasting effectively. The book gives a lot of examples drawn from a variety of fields the author is familiar with and he has searched in.

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