Sellers Inflation

Isabella Weber
New Economic Thinking, 2023
Poziom: początkujący
Perspektywy: Ekonomia instytucjonalna, Postkeynesizm
Temat: Kryzys, macroeconomics, money & debt
Formularz: Explainer Video
Czas trwania: 00:03:41

I this short video, Isabella Weber questions traditional economic views and solutions to inflation. The video challenges the view that inflation is either a temporary phenomenon that requires no intervention or the result of rising output prices. Instead, the video shows how societal expectations in times of crises allow companies to raise prices more than necessary. Thereby, rising profits are an important aspect fuelling inflation.

Comment from our editors:

This video criticises mainstream economic theories on inflation and presents an alternative view in an accessible and nicely illustrated way. People that are already familiar with the concept, can learn more about "Sellers' inflation" here.

Go to: Sellers Inflation

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