Next Generation Central Banking

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Finanzwende e.V. & Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, various
Transformative Responses, Heinrich-Böll-Foundation & Finanzwende, 2021
Poziom: zaawansowane
Perspektywy: Ekonomia złożoności, Ekonomia ekologiczna, Ekonomia instytucjonalna, Marksistowska ekonomia polityczna, Ekonomia neoklasyczna, Postkeynesizm
Temat: Kryzys, globalization, macroeconomics, money & debt, social movements & transformation
Formularz: Panel Discussion

How did the coronavirus almost bring down the Global Financial System? What effects does monetary policy have on inequality? What role do Central Banks have in the social-ecological transformation? How could Central Banks tackle climate change? What is Central Bank Digital Currency?

In this YouTube playlist, you can find all the recordings of the 14 different panel discussions, keynotes and workshops of the conference "Next Generation Gentral Banking - Climate Change, Inequality, Financial Instability", which took place on 3-5. February 2021. Also, find reports on specific aspects of central bank reform and their potential transformative role, which were published prior to the conference here.

Comment from our editors:

This is really an extraordinary conference on central banking. In the different recordings, you will find many different political economists confronting central bankers with the challenges and arguments around the wider debate on the role of central banks in times of financial instability, growing inequality, and an escalating climate crisis. There is a lot to learn here about central banking and how our financial system could benefit society and the environment.

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