Bank Underground

Various staff of the 'Old Lady in Threadneedle Street'
Bank of England staff blog
Poziom: zaawansowane
Perspektywy: Ekonomia neoklasyczna, Inne
Temat: Kryzys, institutions, macroeconomics, money & debt
Formularz: Blog & Press

"Bank Underground" is the staff blog of the Bank of England, founded to publish the views and insights of the people working for one of the world's oldest central banks. The blog covers a wide range of macroeconomic topics, mostly linked to the effects of monetary policy, of course, but not all the time. It provides timely, relevant analysis of contemporary challenges in economic policy and is thus often a perfect primer.

Comment from our editors:

Though largely written from a mainstream, neoclassical perspective, of course (a matter more of the nature of the staff's education rather than their outlook on economic policy, as sometimes transpires), Bank Underground also flashes the odd critical assessment of contemporary economics. In any case, since neoclassical thinking belongs to the diversity in economics, too, this blog definitely is one of the more open-minded, intriguing ones within this school of thought, and often serves to critically check the reader's own economic thinking.

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