Business Economics – A Contemporary Approach

Peter Earl, Tim Wakeley
McGraw-Hill Education, 2004
Niveau: avancé
Perspective: Other
Topic: Business & Firm
page count: 561 pages
ISBN: 9780077103927


Business Economics: A Contemporary Approach provides students with a practical and useful learning resource that is rooted firmly in a pragmatic and pluralist approach to economic analysis. Designed for both undergraduates and MBA students taking their first course in business economics, the text focuses on introducing students to the richness of economics as a framework for understanding business. It is structured around the changing sets of problems that decision-makers face, such as getting a firm started, keeping the firm in business despite growing competition, growing the firm and finally, rejuvenating the firm in the face of declining demand.

Book summary

Table of contents: 

Chapter 1: Introduction 
Chapter 2: Markets and models 
Chapter 3: What do entrepreneurs do? 
Chapter 4: Who wants the product and in what quantity? 
Chapter 5: How shall the firm produce the product?
Chapter 6: Where do costs come from and how to they behave? 
Chapter 7: How can the firm set the ‘right’ price? 
Chapter 8: How can the firm earn persistent above-normal profits? 
Chapter 9: A business enterprise is born 
Chapter 10: How can the firm grow? 
Chapter 11: What can established firms do when sales volume stagnates or declines? 
Chapter 12: Fundamental macroeconomics 
Chapter 13: What are the main sources of controversy in macroeconomics? 
Chapter 14: The international environment

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