The Gender Pay Gap: Understanding the Economic and Social Causes and Consequences

Economy Studies
Economy Studies, 2023
Niveau: débutant
Perspective: Économie féministe
Sujet: Travail & soins, Race & Gender
Format: Matériel didactique

The gender pay gap is a pressing issue that affects individuals and society as a whole, so it is important for economics students to understand it. Despite recent progress, women still earn less than men for the same jobs, leading to economic inequalities and reduced efficiency (see, for example, the recent report released by Moody’s). Understanding the causes and consequences of the gender pay gap is critical in developing policies that promote fairness and equality.

These teaching packs are designed for 30-minute (online or offline) sessions that can be included within any lecture or tutorial class. They are designed to be suitable for university students, but could easily be adapted for higher or lower levels. Every month, we will publish at least one exercise that you can use to engage your students with current events. The main aims of these exercises are to give students practice in relating economic ideas to the real world and their own lived experiences.

Newspaper articles or videos are used as the entry point to an economic topic, which is then expanded upon by the instructor before the students are broken into small groups to engage in an activity. This will help students to develop the skills required to work as economists in the real world, and all the materials you need are provided for you. These teaching packs are published as creative commons (CC BY) and can be freely used and adopted.

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Comment from our editors:

This teaching material was designed by Economy Studies and is part of the "This Month in the Economy Exercises" series. Further information on the gender pay gap in Germany and on labour law can be found here.

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