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Pluriverse – A Post-Development Dictionary

Ashish Kothari, Ariel Salleh, Arturo Escobar, Frederico Demaria, Alberto Acosta
Tulika Books, 2019
Grado: adelantado
Perspective: Complexity Economics, Ecological Economics, Marxian Political Economy
Topic: (De-)growth, North-South Relations & Development, Social movements & Transformation
page count: 356 pages
ISBN: 9788193732984


Pluriverse: A Post-Development Dictionary contains over one hundred essays on transformative initiatives and alternatives to the currently dominant processes of globalized development, including its structural roots in modernity, capitalism, state domination, and masculinist values. It offers critical essays on mainstream solutions that ‘greenwash’ development and presents radically different worldviews and practices from around the world that point to an ecologically wise and socially just world.

Book summary

Pluriverse: Post Development Dictionary is written by a group of declared socialists representing various alternatives to mainstream development economics according to their own experiences. This book gives the gist of the idea of pluralism in economics by adding a fundamentally different perspective.

Comment from our editors:

This is must read book for someone trying to explore different terms in alternative development theory. It is a stimulating collection of more than 100 essays on transformative alternatives to the currently dominant processes of globalised development, including the latter's structural roots in modernity, capitalism, state domination, and masculinist values. Thus, this collection challenges mainstream or superficial solutions to global crises, including concepts such as ‘green economy’ or ‘sustainable development’.

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