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Big Picture Economics – How to Navigate the New Global Economy

Big Picture Economics
Joel Naroff, Ron Scherer
John Wiley & Sons, 2014
Grado: adelantado
Perspective: -
Topic: Globalization & International Economic Relations, Macroeconomics
page count: 256 pages
ISBN: 9780470641811


The world is awash with economic information. Governments release reports. Pundits give their interpretation on television. And the stock market may go its own way, confusing everyone. How can you better understand what it means for you? Big Picture Economics, a new book by award-winning columnist and futurist Joel Naroff and veteran journalist Ron Scherer, says the thread that ties everything together is "context." The authors show how consumers, business, the Federal Reserve, and government take into account what's going on around them to make critical decisions like buying new products, building new factories, changing interest rates, or setting budget goals. The book provides a clear roadmap to understanding the whole story behind the global economy. Big Picture Economics helps readers understand how context impacts decisions and decision makers. - The Federal Reserve and Congress in formulating economic policy - Consumers in a shopper nation and what makes us buy or not buy - Corporations making decisions on whether to build new factories and buy other companies - The federal budget that must deal with complex issues, including the reduction of health care spending - A simple test for tax cuts or increases: will they help the economy grow? - Where to produce and where to sell in a global economy that is more like a Mobius strip than a flat world - International events that can ripple through the economy and ultimately affect workers in the Midwest - Technology, such as intelligent drones to wearable computers, are changing the future


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