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Money and Society

Jem Bendell, Matthew Slater
Level: advanced
University: University of Cumbria
Platform: Institute for Leadership and Sustainability
Recurrence: always
Language: English
Discipline: diverse, Finance, Economics
Attendance: free

Source image: Money and Society MOOC website

A free online course at Masters-level will enable you to understand the past, present and future role of money in society. 

Are you concerned with the banking system? Bemused or fascinated by bitcoin? Starting a local currency? Whereas most courses on money are intended for people with an economics background or banking future, this course is for people who are interested in understanding money from a social innovation perspective – it prepares the ground for answering how to create a better future by reshaping money and currency.

The course is therefore highly interdisciplinary, drawing upon anthropology, sociology, history and heterodox economics. It is designed by Professor Jem Bendell PhD (IFLAS) and Matthew Slater BD (Community Forge), with additional tutoring by Leander Bindewald MA (IFLAS). 

Typically 50 to 100 people complete the full 4 lessons over one month, and many then continue to interact in the Alumni Forum. Over 20 have progressed to attend the full certificate course in London.

The next offering of the MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) starts online on Feb 19th 2017 and runs for one month, with four lessons:
Lesson One: An introduction to money: functions, forms, and fallacies
Lesson Two: The history of money and its discontents
Lesson Three: The problems with mainstream monetary systems
Lesson Four: Alternatives

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Este proyecto es presentado por la Network for Pluralist Economics (Netzwerk Plurale Ökonomik e.V.) y socios internacionales.  Está comprometida con la diversidad y la independencia y depende de las donaciones de personas como tú. Donaciones regulares o puntuales serán muy apreciadas!