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The economy is all around us. When you apply for a job, learn a skill, buy a drink or go on a trip, you’re making decisions which are shaping the economy around you. The key thing is, so is everybody else; and it’s time we learnt a bit more about how it all hinges together so we can start a wider conversation on what our economies should look like.

Having a good understanding of the economic terms and debates that are happening around us can give us the confidence to engage with the conversations happening in the media and politics that often feel disconnected from our daily lives. What’s more, it really isn’t that complex – it all starts with you.

The main goal of this website is to make Economics less confusing. You can explore what the discipline of Economics is and could be. Learn about basic Economic terms and jargon.

Comment from our editors:

- Jargon-free language articles - covers almost every topic (impressive) - connected to RE movement

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