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The "Double Gap" and the Bottom Line: African American Women’s Wage Gap and Corporate Profits

Michelle Holder
Roosevelt Institute, 2020
Grado: adelantado
Perspective: Economía feminista
Topic: Race & Gender
Format: Artículo/capítulo académico

Abstract: This reports presents empirical findings of research conducted by Michelle Holder, assistant professor of economics at John Jay College, City University of New York, with regard to the impact of what she terms a "double gap"- gender wage gap and ethnic minority wage gap - on the U.S. labour market. Her research confirms that a rising corporate profit rate is accompanied by a falling labour share of income since the 1990s. The study at hand, additionally, looks at the income disparities related to ethnic minorities and gender and indicates a particular impact on African American women.

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Comment from our editors:

This report is a summary of a comprehensive study with empirical data for a phenomena that Feminist Economics recognise as an existing problem: ethnic minorities and gender deepen the gap when it comes to wealth formation. The report is innovative in that it classifies the wage gap according to educational background and also aggregating the income differences per occupational categories - shedding light on a widespread wage difference regarding ethnic minorities and gender that is not restricted to less specialised positions only.

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