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Inequality 101 with Branko Milanovic & Arjun Jayadev

Branko Milanovic & Arjun Jayadev
Institute for New Economic Thinking, 2020
Grado: debutante
Perspectivas: Economía feminista, Economía política Marxista, Economía neoclásica, Economía poskeynesiana
Topic: Desigualdad y clase
Format: Ponencia

Inequality, in many ways, may be the biggest question of our times. And yet it is a topic that is still underexplored in conventional economics curricula.

In this series, produced by the Institute for New Economic Thinking, the economists Branko Milanovic & Arjun Jayadev address an issue that we all face every day. Within five lectures they help you understand the importance of understanding inequality in today's world.

Each lecture lasts between 28 - 40 minutes and you can find them on the original INET video site. The History of Economic Thought website provides accompanying materials to each lecture:

Lecture 1 - Inequality - Why Should I Care?

Lecture 2 - How Do We Measure Inequality?

Lecture 3 - What is Happening?

Lecture 4 - What is Happening Now?

Lecture 5 - The Bigger Picture

Comment from our editors:

Highly recommended E-Learning material for everyone. It is of crucial importance to understand what today's inequality is & why it exists, how it is measured, and finally how to address it. This lecture series addresses all this and is also incredibly well produced with a lot of helpful graphics.

Go to: Inequality 101 with Branko Milanovic & Arjun Jayadev

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