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On the Possibility of an Enlarged Self-Definition of Economics

Daniyal Khan
New School for Social Research, Department of Economics, 2016
Grado: adelantado
Perspectivas: Economia institucionalista, Otros
Topic: Reflexión sobre economía
Format: Working Paper

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On the Possibility of an Enlarged Self-Definition of Economics

Daniyal Khan | 2016


Abstract: This brief note explores the possibility of working towards an enlarged self-definition of economics through economists’ study and appreciation of economic sociology. Common ground between economic sociology and heterodox economics is explored, and some of Richard Sennett’s ideas are used as prompts to raise some pertinent and hopefully interesting questions about economics. In particular, the note revisits the question of whether there is a possibility of changing our understanding of what kind of social scientific work falls within the domain of economics proper once we start critically engaging with work conventionally considered to be outside of that domain. In part, the note is intended to offer undergraduate students in economics – and possibly even those further down the road in their education – food for thought about what constitutes economics.

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