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Decolonising Economics in Practice

Dr. Danielle Guizzo, Dr. Devika Dutt, Dr. Surbhi Kesar, Dr. Amir Lebdioui
Exploring Economics, 2021
Grado: debutante
Perspective: Otros
Topic: Otro, Race & Gender, Movimientos sociales y cambio
Format: Coloquio
Duración: 01:26:05

Recent events, such as the Black Lives Matter protests, the the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis (US) and the toppling of the statue of Edward Colston in Bristol (UK) have exposed existing racism, colonialism and sexism in our society and in Economics. While calls to improve diversity in Economics have gained momentum, the idea of decolonising Economics is still a new one. Outside of Economics, ”decolonisation” has become a buzzword amongst universities, academics and in the media - particularly in the Global North - but many wonder what decolonising actually means in practice, and how it can be approached from the perspective of research, teaching and networking/activism in Economics.

This roundtable offers a discussion on what decolonising means for everyday academic practice from the perspective of four economics experts. It will touch upon a variety of issues, including: what decolonising entails, how it differs from simple diversity, how does the theoretical understanding of decolonisation opens space for praxis, besides exploring examples in economics research and teaching (in macroeconomics, trade and development, history of economic thought and political economy) of how it can be achieved.

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