On the Use and Misuse of Theories and Models in Mainstream Economics

On the Use and Misuse of Theories and Models in Mainstream Economics
Lars Palsson Syll
College Publications, 2016
Niveau: avancé
Perspective: Other
Topic: Reflection of Economics
page count: 184 pages
ISBN: 9781848901841


This collection of previously published and new papers is a major intervention in the on-going debate about the nature and future of economics. Instead of the present deductivist-formalist orientation of mainstream economics, Lars Syll advocates for the adoption of a more pluralist approach to economics, arguing for more realism and relevance with less insistence on mathematical modeling. This challenging and thought-provoking book will prove a stimulating read for researchers, academics and students of economics interested in the methodology and philosophy of economics. Lars Pålsson Syll received a PhD in Economic History in 1991 and a PhD in Economics in 1997. Since 2004 he is Professor of Social Science at Malmö University, Sweden. "A wonderful set of clearly written and highly informative essays by a scholar who is knowledgeable, critical and sharp enough to see how things really are in the discipline, and honest and brave enough to say how things are. A must read especially for those truly concerned and/or puzzled about the state of modern economics." - Tony Lawson, Cambridge

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