Socialism and Sociology

Collaborative attempt by Andrew Arato and other Faculty members of the New School for Social Research
Level: beginner
University: New School for Social Research
Platform: Google Sites
Year: 2020
Recurrence: flexible
Language: English
Discipline: Economics, philosophy, Political Economy, Social Sciences, Sociology
Attendance: free
Workload per week: 4.0 h

The term socialism has now re-entered U.S. American political discourse. This comes at a time when, after long periods of crises, the traditions of both revolutionary and reformist socialism seemed to have reached their complete exhaustion. With the help of New School Faculty members the course will consider “what is alive and what is dead in socialism” today. In the course, students engage with classical theories as well as their applications in a variety of historical and international contexts. Staunchly interdisciplinary, we will utilize expertise in philosophy, history, economics, sociology, anthropology and political theory.

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Comment from our editors:

The course Socialism and Sociology is a useful resource for those interested in idea and practice of socialism through the lense of interdisciplinary social research. Although the structure of the course appears quite unsystematic, taken together, the course provides a comprehensive overview of the complex and heteregenous history of socialism and the debates surrounding it. It is an additional plus that the course features a wide variety of (guest) lecturers including world-renowned economists like Nancy Fraser, Duncan Foley, Anwar Shaikh or Sanjay Reddy and an expansive selection of texts. Even those, who may not commit to working through all 28 sessions of the course, the video lectures (and the text selections) can also be drawn upon individually, where interest in specific aspects prevails.

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