Economics for Emancipation

Center for Economic Democracy, Center for Popular Economics
Level: beginner
University: None
Platform: Online
Year: 2023
Recurrence: none
Language: English
Discipline: Political Economy
Attendance: free

Economics for Emancipation (E4E) is a seven-module introductory curriculum with interactive and participatory workshops. It offers a deep critical dive into the current political economic system, exploration of alternative economic systems, and dynamic tools to dream and build the economy that centers care, relationship, and liberation. The seven modules focus on the following topics:

1. Introduction to the Economy & the Working Day
2. How Capitalism Works
3. Redistribution Representation paradox
4. Alternative economic systems
5. The evolution of the US Economy
6. Fiscal and monetary policy
7. Building alternatives: Solidarity Economy

The course can be taken individually online or in a group with a facilitator. The website offers short introduction videos, key takeaways and interactive workbooks for individuals as well as materials for facilitators such as slides and facilitator guides.

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Comment from our editors:

The course offers an introduction to heterodox economics mainly focusing on marxist political economy that is also accessible to people with no prior knowledge of economics. The video lessons are easy to understand as they are divided into very short videos and summarised in key takeaways. In addition, the course recommends further readings and videos for people who want to delve deeper into the seven topics.

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