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"The World Inequality Lab gathers social scientists committed to helping everyone understand the drivers of inequality worldwide through evidence-based research.

The World Inequality Lab hosts the World Inequality Database, the most extensive public database on global inequality dynamics. Their main missions are: 

  • The extension of the World Inequality Database
  • The publication of working papers, reports and methodological handbooks
  • The dissemination in academic circles and public debate

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Comment from our editors:

The World Inequality Lab is a key address worth checking out if you are interested in understanding (economic) inequality and its origins/causes from a data-driven/empirical perspective. In addition to their world-renowned World Inequality Database and an intuitive interface that provides specialists as well as non-specialists the opportunity to explore inequality patterns, the World Inequality Lab website also provides access to multiple reports and studies related related to analyzing inequality in its various forms. Reflecting their mission to empower civil society both the database and the analysis build upon it, are not only relevant for researchers, but also for policy-makers, activists and campaigners working toward minimizing inequalities in the real world.


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