Right-wing populism and market-fundamentalism: Two mutually reinforcing threats to democracy in the 21st century

Walter O. Ötsch & Stephan Pühringer
Institut für Ökonomie und Philosophie Cusanus Hochschule, 2017
Level: advanced
Perspective: Other
Topic: markets
Format: Working paper/Journal article
Link: https://www.econstor.eu/handle/10419/191608/

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Right-wing populism and market-fundamentalism

Two mutually reinforcing threats to democracy in the 21st century

Walter O. Ötsch & Stephan Pühringer | 2017


Abstract: The article compares market fundamentalism and right-wing populism on the basis of its core patterns of thinking and reasoning. Based on an analysis of important texts in both fields we find many similarities of these two concepts in their "inner images". Thus, we develop a scheme of the similar dual social worlds of right-wing-populism and market fundamentalism and offer some recent examples of market fundamentalism and right-wing populism mutually reinforcing each other or serving as a gateway for each other. We then apply our scheme for the analysis of the recent political developments and its ideological roots in the US under Donald Trump. 

Key words: Right-wing populism, market-fundamentalism, inner images, Donald Trump, patterns of thinking

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