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Level: débutant
This dossier gives an overview of the functions and the nature of money. The concept of Islamic finance is briefly explored, too.
Level: débutant
John K. Galbraith recounts episodes in the history of money such as the creation of the bank of Amsterdam, John Law's fraudulent Bank Royal, the inception of the Bank of England and of the Federal Reserve to illustrate concepts such as money creation by commercial banks, the bank rate, open market operations or the money supply in general. The emotions, myths and struggles surrounding money are addressed and explained in a clear and consistent manner.
Level: débutant
Based on Modern Money Theory (MMT), Stephanie Kelton compares the cryptocurrency to the fiat money system (or simply what we have today).
Level: débutant
Exploring Economics, an open-source e-learning platform, giving you the opportunity to discover & study a variety of economic theories, topics, and methods.
Level: avancé
The Money View Symposium was hosted by YSI on 5-7 February, 2021. The Symposium showcased the work of scholars and practitioners that make use of the so-called Money View, ranging from economists to lawyers, politicians and social scientists at large. The symposium aims to illuminate the main tenets of the Money View and to demonstrate its juxtaposition to the mainstream.
Level: débutant
This is the second part of the seminar A Hard Currency of Politics The discussion centers on the The Currency of Politics by Stefan Eich and is hosted by the journal European Law Open Stefan Eich s presentation of his argument starts at minute 7 53 The discussion centers on …
Level: avancé
A comprehensive account of how government deficits and debt drive inflation

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