International Affairs: Globalisation

Grado: debutante
Richard Baldwin

Explore globalisation and its impact on society past, present and future.

Understanding globalisation – a topic that dominates political and economic discourse worldwide – is important for anyone who cares about our planet’s future and wants to help shape it. This online course introduces economic globalisation, and its impact on society past and present.

We’ll explore globalisation’s historical impact on humanity and the world’s economic geography; the broad-brush economics that explain how and why globalisation affects our lives; and how changes in globalisation require new approaches to economic and social policy.

Universidad: Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies Geneva
Platform: Future Learn
Inicio: to be announced
Recurrencia: none
Idioma: English
Disciplina: Economics, Political Science, Political Economy
Asistencia: gratis
Certificado: 59,00 GBP
Carga de trabajo por semana: 3,0 h
Tags distribution , economic policy , globalization , historical process , history , policy


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