Economics of Money and Banking

Grado: debutante
Perry Mehrling

The last three or four decades have seen a remarkable evolution in the institutions that comprise the modern monetary system. The financial crisis of 2007-2009 is a wakeup call that we need a similar evolution in the analytical apparatus and theories that we use to understand that system. Produced and sponsored by the Institute for New Economic Thinking, this course is an attempt to begin the process of new economic thinking by reviving and updating some forgotten traditions in monetary thought that have become newly relevant.

This is still one of the most relevant MOOCs on Banking and Money. Since it was filmed by INET in 2012 a few things have changed in Perry Mehrling's focus, which he outlines here.

Universidad: Columbia University
Platform: Coursera
Recurrencia: always
Idioma: English
Disciplina: Finance
Asistencia: gratis
Certificado: 44,00 EUR
Carga de trabajo por semana: 5,0 h
Tags banking , banks , capital market , central bank , finance , financial crisis , monetary system , money , money market


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