Debt & Money Markets: Concepts, Instruments, Risks and Derivatives

PC Narayan
Level: advanced
University: Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
Platform: edX
Year: 2020
Recurrence: flexible
Language: English
Discipline: Finance
Attendance: free
Certificate: 99.00 USD
Workload per week: 4.0 h

In this course, you can learn about money markets and debt markets, the associated risks and how they are managed & mitigated.

The first part of this course will examine in detail money markets (short-term financial markets) such as call money markets, T-bills markets, repo markets, etc. that make up the ecosystem to effectively manage money supply (liquidity) and ensure stability of the financial system in the short-term.

The second part of this course will look at debt markets, the underlying theories such as time value of money, bond pricing and bond valuation, as well as the structure and functioning of debt markets including corporate bond market, government securities (T- bond) market and mortgages market.


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