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Anti-equilibrium – On Economic Systems Theory and the Tasks of Research

Janos Kornai
Level: advanced
Publisher: North-Holland
Perspective: Complexity Economics, Evolutionary Economics
Topic: Macroeconomics, Reflection of Economics
page count: 402 pages


"The aim of this work is two-fold. On the one hand it provides a summary and gives a systematic description of all kinds of criticism of Walrasian general equilibrium theory, utility theory and neo-classical price theory. On the other hand it attempts to elaborate a conceptual framework and to raise some relevant questions of a new, more general economic systems theory. In accordance with that goal such problems as the information structure of economic systems, autonomous and higher-order control mechanisms, adaptation and selection are discussed. The main types of disequilibria on the market, the causes and the consequences of disequilibrium are analysed. Repeated comparisons are made between the socialist and capitalist systems. The book contains both highly theoretical, abstract and more concrete, practical, economic policy oriented chapters. Although the main subject is economic theory, the book touches the borders of economics and other sciences: sociology, philosophy of science, mathematical systems theory and cybernetics."

Comment from our editors:

A seminal book on Complexity and Evolutionary Economics.


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